¡ am freefalling through time,
the bedrock farthest from my mind.
At times the time is hardest,
at times the time's sublime.
At which height of my pardon,
does the bedrock meet the eye?

The Grey

¡ awoke amongst the snow
just as the vision warmed me so.
To desolated frozen winds,
where nature pays you for your sins.
The cold of nothing nurturing
except the will to stay.
Where 'life' & 'death' are black & white,
the interim is grey.

Event Horizon

¡ woke up in a daze, head shriveled from last night's debacle. In search of water ¡ found serendipity, or what ¡ thought was a gift:

The sun is climbing as ¡ exist.
The elements coursing through my veins.
The black hole of my consciousness,
absorbing all there is.
For what it's worth ¡ present thanks.
From here ¡ search to travel back.
This black hole leading to a place,
of peace this chaos lacks.
All is by a choice.
Change the lens or blind yourself,
the other side is poised.