Is a punishment not a retaliation? What makes a retaliation just? Is it the circumstances which brought about the retribution, or the perspective with which the punishment came?

The plastic face of justice prevents man from realizing a higher culture. Man appears content with endowing himself with the power of righteousness. He searches with his insignificant eye and picks an instance in which he cannot find fault with himself, then fashions a banner for himself with which to kill for. This procession stops light-years short of any divine right, as blood stains a hypocrite's condescending fingers. Justice contains the same malice as revenge in the indifferent real eye. Ipso facto, justice is a construct of the, now commonplace, egotistic mind.


Why are the products of man considered unnatural?
This aversion to brutal honesty is rooted in mans prepotent view of his place in reality. His world is a geometric construct in space, carved out of city grids, inhaling CO2 daily. Instant gratification overdoses the greedy binge of the prehistoric minded modern man. Information is instant, knowledge elusive.

Is the supply of metals, woods, rock and gravel not natural? Are the nests built by birds unnatural? Are the mounds reinforced with ant secretions unnatural? Like his fellow architects, mankind does not fabricate the resources with which to work, apropos he fabricates from the resources naturally occurring. They say metallurgy and manipulation by man made ways makes it unnatural. I say assuming man can operate beyond the possible ways made available by naturally occurring phases is detrimentally vain to the humble learning processes of life. Ergo, natural resources make natural products. Man remains the wide awake animal, a slave to the fear of the next step in evolution.

Go Committed and Willing

Go committed and willing to be a participant on the path, and all else will be ease. 

You can overcome your self-doubt and fear by having confidence in your willingness and desire to pursue and fulfill the path of your soul. 

Go joyfully in the pursuit and the path of your soul. 

The path of your soul is not in service to your career; your career is in service to the path of your soul. 

Be a willing participant, open and accepting of the path of your soul, and the source and force of the creative power of consciousness will emanate from you and permeate those around you. 

Know that you have already succeeded, and nothing can stand in the path of your soul because of your desire, intent and willingness.